It’s that time of year where we would like to schedule our band/orchestra recruitment assembly for 4th grade classes and for 5th grade students who missed the opportunity to join in 4th grade. New 5th graders are invited and encouraged to join beginning band if they’d like, but returning 5th graders do not need to attend. 
Recruitment is an important part of our musical programs in that it informs kids about the options available for them in terms of ensemble music. At the assembly, we plan to do a brief demo on the instruments and some Q and A. We plan to take about 30 minutes to present both band and orchestra to all 4th grade classes. Parents are welcome to come, but we will also have formal a parent night on Wednesday, September 11th at 6:30-7:15pm at Redmond Middle for the BAND and 7:30-8:15pm at Clara Barton Elementary for the ORCHESTRA. Here they can get more information, participate in the instrument “petting zoo” and rent if they’d like. We will be bringing music brochures with concert and start dates to hand out to interested kids. In addition, the district now has a centralized online signup. 

The Lake Washington School District provides group instrumental music instruction for all 4 th and 5 th graders. The goals of this program are to introduce the student to performing music on an instrument, working within a group of other musicians, and help them progress to performing groups at the Middle School and Senior High level. The Redmond Region instrumental music programs have been very successful for several years, and we hope you and your child will choose to take part in this exciting and beneficial program.

Band classes meet before school at Redmond Middle School with Mrs. Stoddard and Mr. Sloan. The students will be bussed to their elementary schools after class.

For more information about the elementary band program, please contact:

           Ashlyn Stoddard at Redmond Middle School:

Band or No Band
  • When in doubt, you may call Redmond Middle School to confirm whether there is band or not.
  • We only have band when there is school. There is no band on school holidays or LEAP days.
  • If Redmond Middle School is closed due to weather or a power outage, there will not be band, even if your elementary school is still open.
  • If there is a 2 hour late start at Redmond Middle School, there will not be band that day.
  • If Redmond Middle School is open, there is band.
    • So, if Rockwell Elementary, for example, has a power outage and all other schools are open, we will still have band class.

Rehearsal Schedule

2018-2019 Weekly Rehearsal Schedule (Beginning the Week of September 21) : (Schedule subject to change)

  • Monday: 2nd year students, full band
  • Tuesday: 1st year students, trumpet and clarinet
  • Wednesday: 2nd year students, full band
  • Thursday: 1st year students, flute, trombone/baritone
  • Friday: 1st year students, full band